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[hal-01474839] Energy Harvesting in Secret Key Generation Systems under Jamming Attacks

Secret key generation (SKG) from shared randomness at two remote locations has been shown to be vulnerable to denial of service attacks in the form of jamming. Typically, such attacks are alleviated with frequency hopping/spreading techniques that rely on expansion of the system bandwidth. [...]

[hal-01474850] Secret Key Generation in Rayleigh Block Fading AWGN Channels under Jamming Attacks

Jamming attacks have been shown to disrupt secret key generation (SKG) in systems that exploit the reciprocity of the wireless medium to generate symmetric keys at two remote locations through public discussion. In this study, the use of frequency hopping/spreading in Rayleigh block fading additive white Gaussian noise (BF-AWGN) channels is investigated as a means to counteract such attacks. [...]

[hal-01436931] In-depth imaging of flat ancient material objects: backprojection reconstruction of a 2D conical Radon Transform.


[hal-01440265] Backprojection of a conical Radon Transform in Compton scatter tomography


[hal-01440286] Modelling of a New Compton Imaging Modality for an In-depth Characterisation of Flat Heritage Objects


[hal-01421836] Mapping Web Services to Knowledge Bases


[hal-01421837] DORIS: Discovering Ontological Relations in Services


[hal-01417797] Deriving Intensional Descriptions for Web Services

Many data providers make their data available through Web service APIs. In order to unleash the potential of these sources for intelligent applications, the data has to be combined across different APIs. However, due to the heterogene-ity of schemas, the integration of different APIs remains a mainly manual task to date. [...]

[hal-01417095] DORIS: Discovering Ontological Relations In Services

We propose to demonstrate DORIS, a system that maps the schema of a Web Service automatically to the schema of a knowledge base. Given only the input type and the URL of the Web Service, DORIS executes a few probing calls, and deduces an intensional description of the Web service. [...]

[hal-01437956] Using more channels can be detrimental to the global performance in interference networks

—We study distributed interference networks in which the transmitting-receiving pairs (or users) can communicate over several orthogonal channels. The network is said to be decision-wise distributed because each transmitter is assumed to choose the way it spreads its power over the available channels to maximize its individual rate. [...]