Ph.D. Position in Information Theory—Covert Communication


Covert communication refers to scenarios where the communicating parties try to conceal their communication activity from a potential eavesdropper or warden. Recent works have identified the ultimate performance limit for covert communications in various types of media. In particular, it is known that, for many communication channels, covert communication obeys the "square-root law", meaning that the total amount of information that can be communicated covertly scales like the square-root of total communication time.

The proposed thesis addresses several important open problems in covert communications. They concern continuous-time channels, quantum channels, and code design.

About the position

This Ph.D. thesis will be supervised by Dr. Ligong Wang, chargé de recherche with CNRS. The research will be carried out at ETIS laboratory, ICI team. Currently, the expected starting date is around 1 Oct. 2017.

This Ph.D. thesis is funded by the I-SITE Paris Seine project “Risk, Security, Society”.


Applicants should send a short email with a Curriculum Vitae to the email address below.

The candidate should have completed a master’s degree (or equivalent) by the starting time of this Ph.D. project. Good ability in mathematical reasoning is very important. Knowledge of Information and Coding Theory is desirable but not mandatory.

Relevant literature

[1] L. Wang, G.W. Wornell, and L. Zheng, “Fundamental Limits of Communication with Low Prob- ability of Detection,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 62, no. 6, pp. 3493–3503, Jun. 2016.


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