Mardi, 28 Mars 2017

Séminaire ICI : Luis Briceño-Arias

"Splitting algorithms for solving composite convex optimisation problems: a survey and new results", séminaire présenté par Luis Briceño-Arias, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Santiago, Chile.

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Mardi, 04 Avril 2017

Séminaire ETIS : Maroua Hammami

"Contributions à la localisation adaptative de zones informatives sur des images de documents", séminaire présenté par Maroua Hammami, ETIS, équipe ASTRE.

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Dimanche, 21 Mai 2017

ICC 2017 - Workshop on Channel Coding for 5G and Future Networks

Channel coding is a well-studied subject – some say. The challenges faced by the code design for future networks, however, clearly falsifies this statement. 5G, as an example for a wireless network, requires coding schemes that cover large ranges of code lengths and code rates. Optical communications, as an example for a wired network, requires extremely low error rates. For both examples, low decoding complexity, low decoding latency and high hardware efficiency are mandatory.

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