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Publications antérieures à 2008

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Nos dix dernières publications

[hal-01672785] Information Search, Integration, and Personalization (Revised Selected Papers of the 11th International Workshop, ISIP 2016, Lyon, France, Nov 2016)


[hal-01682191] Spectral performances of PAPR reduced FBMC/OQAM signales


[hal-01682279] Robustness of Filter Bank Multicarrier Signals To Power Amplifier Nonlinearities


[hal-01680249] An application of Generalized Belief Propagation: splitting trapping sets in LDPC codes

Generalized belief propagation (GBP) is known to be a well-suited technique for approximate inference problems in loopy factor graphs. It can absorb problematic subgraphs inside regions to reduce their influence on the inference. However, the choice of regions to be used in GBP remains a delicate issue. [...]

[hal-01674481] Development of a Computed Cleansing Score to Assess the Quality of Bowel Preparation in Colon Capsule Endoscopy


[hal-01682176] A 14-Band Low-Complexity and High-Performance Synthesizer Architecture for MB-OFDM Communication


[hal-01682330] Linéarisation et amélioration du rendement d'un amplificateur de puissance cascode par une inductance de dégénérescence


[hal-01682293] Design of High-Performances CMOS Power-Stage for Handset Applications Based on MASMOS Cells


[hal-01676027] Development and Validation of a Highly Sensitive and Specific Automated Algorithm to Evaluate the Abundance of Bubbles in Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy


[hal-01671577] RF Harvesting Circuit for Batteryless Connected Sensor

The goal of our work is to optimise the supply chain management of industrial assets with UHF RFID system. This allows simple identification. In this work, we try to go further and enrich the identification information with information about the conditions of the connected assets. [...]