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[hal-01688813] How to reduce energy production plant noise annoyance using a sound design approach

Industrial plant noise is the result of a combination of many various sound sources. The spectral composition of these sound sources varies depending of the equipments: wide-band noises mainly related to cooling towers, tonal noises such as transformers and some other noises with spectral components in middle frequencies. [...]

[hal-01688795] Study of the impact of aircraft noise on annoyance and cognitive task performance regarding the distance from the airport

Aviation traffic is expected to increase by 30% by 2025. Aircraft noise annoyance of people living near airports is one of the parameters which could limit this industry. Indeed, occurrence of flights takes part in noise annoyance. In addition to non-acoustic factors, acoustic parameters such as noise level or temporal and spectral aspects are involved in annoyance. [...]

[hal-01688973] Differentiation Between Fibroblast and their Extracellular Matrix in an In-Vitro Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Setup by Using a Custom Electronic Portable System

This article presents the results from an Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurements by using a custom wireless and portable electronic system. Our goal is to differentiate between cells and their extracellular matrix in the gathered impedance spectrum. [...]

[hal-01687554] Modeling Soundscape Pleasantness Using perceptual Assessments and Acoustic Measurements Along Paths in Urban Context


[hal-01687588] A cross-national comparison in assessment of urban park soundscapes in France, Korea, and Sweden through laboratory experiments


[hal-01687559] Influence of the search radius in a noise prediction software on population exposure and human health impact assessments


[hal-01687607] Comparison of noise indicators in an urban context

Noise is a major environmental issue, which gave birth in the last decades to the development of many engineering methods dedicated to both its estimation and mitigation. The specificity of the noise pollution problem lies in the complexity of human hearing and subjective assessment, and in the high spatiotemporal variation and rich spectral content of the noise generated by a wide variety of sources in urban context. [...]

[hal-01676009] Acoustic mapping based on measurements: space and time interpolation


[hal-01687227] Ageing of GaN HEMT devices: which degradation indicators?


[hal-01668735] Protecting Secret Key Generation Systems Against Jamming: Energy Harvesting and Channel Hopping Approaches

Jamming attacks represent a critical vulnerability for wireless secret key generation (SKG) systems. In the present study, two counter-jamming approaches are investigated for SKG systems: first, the employment of energy harvesting (EH) at the legitimate nodes to turn part of the jamming power into useful communication power, and, second, the use of channel hopping or power spreading in block fading channels to reduce the impact of jamming. [...]