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[hal-01260337] New properties of the V-line Radon transform and their imaging applications

This paper reports on new aspects of the so-called V-line Radon transforms complementing those reported in an earlier work. These new properties are nicely uncovered and described with cartesian coordinates. In particular, we show that the V-line Radon transform belongs to the class of Radon transforms on curves in the plane which can be mapped onto the standard Radon transform on straight lines and thereby are fully characterizable and invertible. [...]

[hal-01759952] Image analysis based on Radon-type integral transforms over conic sections

This paper presents a generalized Radon transform defined on conic sections called Conic Radon Transform (CRT) for image analysis. The proposed CRT extends the classical Radon transform (RT) which integrates a image function $f(x, y)$ over straight lines. As the CRT is capable of detecting conic sections with any position and orientation in original images it makes possible to build a new descriptor based on integrating an image over conic sections. [...]

[hal-01260333] Back-projection inversion of a conical Radon transform

In an effort to deal with many ionizing radiation imaging mechanisms involving the Compton effect, we study a Radon transform on circular cone surfaces having a fixed axis direction, which is called here conical Radon transform (CRT). Concretely we seek to recover a density function $f(x,y,z)$ in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$ from its integrals over such circular cone surfaces or its conical projections. [...]

[hal-01766740] Object classification using Radon transform and Convolutional Neural Networks

This paper presents a novel approach to perform object classification based on combining the conic Radon transform (CRT) and the convolutional neural networks (CNN). The CRT generalizes the classical Radon transform (RT) to detect conic sections in images. We have build, in this work, a descriptor combining the extracted features by the circular, parabolic and linear RT. [...]

[hal-01742748] Worst frame backlog estimation in an avionics full-duplex switched ethernet end-system


[hal-01742751] Improved PEG construction of large girth QC-LDPC codes


[hal-01742754] Probabilistic model of AFDX frames reception for end system backlog assessment


[hal-01742755] Multi-Mode Low-Latency Software-Defined Error Correction for Data Centers


[hal-01742756] Reduction of frames storage size in AFDX reception end-system using a lossless compression algorithm


[hal-01743977] Channel Coding: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications: Academic Press Library in Mobile and Wireless Communications