The RobotSoC Project

RobotSoC is a research project from the ETIS Lab in Cergy-Pontoise (France).  A recent trend in several robotics tasks is to consider vision as the primary sense to perceive the environment or to interact with humans. Thus vision processing becomes a central and challenging matter for the design of real-time control architectures.

We follow in this project a biological inspiration to propose a real-time and embedded
control system relying on visual attention to learn specific actions in each place recognized by our robot. Face to the performance challenge, the attentional model allows to reduce
vision processing to a few regions of the visual field.
However, the computational complexity of the visual chain remains an issue for a processing system embedded onto an indoor robot.

  • That is why we propose as the first part of our system a full-hardware architecture prototyped onto reconfigurable devices to detect salient features at the camemodel_sensorira frequency.
  • The second part learns continuously these features in order to implement specific robotics tasks. This neural control layer is implemented as embedded software making the robot fully autonomous from a computation point of view.

The integration of such a system onto the robot enables not only to accelerate the frame rate of the visual processing, to relieve the control architecture but also to compress the
data-flow at the output of the camera, thus reducing communication
and energy consumption.

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