Ongoing Projects

  • CIFRE with Altran Technologies (2019 - 2022): Resource allocation for heterogeneous IoT networks
  • ANR-PRCI ELIOT (2019-2023) - Enabling technologies for IoT : International (French-Brazilian) collaborative project
  • Project INEX Paris Seine 2017, “Lattice hash functions for secret key generation” (funding for Charbel Saliba’s PhD thesis).
  • ANR-JCJC ORACLESS (2016-2021) - Online resource allocation for unpredictable large-scale networks
  • PIA ADEME EcobioH2 (projet d'investissement d'avenir): Collaboration between Team ICI (Inbar Fijalkow and Iryna Andriyanova) and Neurocybernétique (Pierre Andry) and energy provider (Enercoop). 
    ETIS contributions: Learning and optimizing the energy consumption, storage, and production Green-data center
  • "Cycle & Recycle", joint project ETIS + Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris-Cergy, funded by COMUE Université Paris-Seine (Art & Science)
  • 2015-2019 : «Emergent imaging and study of concrete properties », Fondation de l'UCP (Project lead by Mai Nguyen).
    2018-2021 : «Modeling Compton tomography and solving associated inverse problems », Math-Innov and LabEx MME-DII (Project lead by Mai Nguyen).
  • SRV, IA UCP, 3 kEuros, funding for research visit and international collaboration with Prof. H.V. Poor, Princeton University (lead by Arsenia Chorti)
  • 2014 -2019 : International bilateral research project «Study of the structure of the vascular tree in biometrics and medical imaging », with MAMMERI university of TIZI OUZOU, Algeria (Project lead by Mai Nguyen).
  • 2015-2019 : International bilateral research project «Generalized Radon Transformations and Application in Pattern Recognition», with La Faculté des Sciences Mathématiques, Physiques et Naturelles of Tunis, Tunisia (Project lead by Mai Nguyen).