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10 most recent publications

[hal-02388788] Estimation of the perceived time of presence of sources in urban acoustic environments using deep learning techniques

The impact of urban sound on human beings has often been studied from a negative point of view (noise pollution). In the two last decades, the interest of studying its positive impact has been revealed with the soundscape approach (resourcing spaces). The literature shows that the recognition of sources plays a great role in the way humans are affected by sound environments. [...]

[hal-02395666] On the Capacity of MIMO Optical Wireless Channels

This paper investigates the capacity of the multiple-input multiple-output free-space optical intensity channel under a per-input-antenna peak-power constraint and a total average-power constraint over all input antennas. Our work considers the setup with more transmit than receive antennas, and characterizes capacity as an alternative optimization problem over the distribution of the input vector times the channel matrix. [...]

[hal-02395661] The Poisson Channel With Varying Dark Current Known to the Transmitter

This paper studies the continuous-time Poisson channel whose dark current is random and may change for every τ-second time interval, where the actual values of the dark current are known to the transmitter as channel-state information (CSI). In the limit where τ tends to zero, the capacity gain provided by both causal and noncausal CSI is shown to vanish linearly with τ , so CSI at the transmitter provides almost no capacity improvement. [...]

[hal-02292616] Proceedings of the 7th Conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities (cmccorpora19)


[hal-02314445] Human pose regression by combining indirect part detection and contextual information

In this paper, we tackle the problem of human pose estimation from still images, which is a very active topic, specially due to its several applications, from image annotation to human-machine interface. We use the soft-argmax function to convert feature maps directly to body joint coordinates, resulting in a fully differentiable framework. [...]

[hal-02304081] Dynamic Fault Tree Generation for Safety-Critical Systems Within a Systems Engineering Approach


[lirmm-00617320] Mining Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Level Sequential Patterns

Multi-dimensional databases have been designed to provide decision makers with the necessary tools to help them understand their data. Compared to transactional data, this framework is par- ticular as the datasets contain huge volumes of historized and aggregated data defined over a set of dimensions, which can be arranged through multiple levels of granularities. [...]

[hal-02329882] Toward a Hardware Man-in-the-Middle Attack on PCIe Bus for Smart Data Replay


[hal-02329893] A Versatile Emulator of MitM for the identification of vulnerabilities of IoT devices, a case of study


[hal-02357222] Strategic Communication with Side Information at the Decoder

We investigate the problem of strategic point-to-point communication with side information at the decoder, in which the encoder and the decoder have mismatched distortion functions. The decoding process is not supervised, it returns the output sequence that minimizes the decoder's distortion function. [...]