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10 most recent publications

[hal-01944650] Protection de la vie privée des individus dans l'analyse de leurs trajectoires de déplacement


[hal-01926241] Towards perceptual soundscape characterization using event detection algorithms.


[hal-01869765] Image Reassembly Combining Deep Learning and Shortest Path Problem

This paper addresses the problem of reassembling images from disjointed fragments. More specifically, given an unordered set of fragments, we aim at reassembling one or several possibly incomplete images. The main contributions of this work are: 1) several deep neural architectures to predict the relative position of image fragments that out-perform the previous state of the art; 2) casting the reassembly problem into the shortest path in a graph problem for which we provide several construction algorithms depending on available information; 3) a new dataset of images taken from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) dedicated to image reassembly for which we provide a clear setup and a strong baseline. [...]

[hal-01911617] Mobile Phones Hematophagous Diptera Surveillance in the field using Deep Learning and Wing Interference Patterns

Real-time monitoring of hematophagous diptera (such as mosquitoes) populations in the field is a crucial challenge to foresee vaccination campaigns and to restrain potential diseases spreading. However, current methods heavily rely on costly DNA extraction which is destructive, costly, time consuming and requires experts. [...]

[hal-01700298] A Probabilistic Parallel Bit-Flipping Decoder for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes

This paper presents a new Bit Flipping (BF) decoder, called the Probabilistic Parallel Bit Flipping (PPBF) for Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) codes on the Binary Symmetric Channel. In the PPBF, the flipping operation is performed in a probabilistic manner which is shown to improve significantly the error correction performance. [...]

[hal-01925496] Summarizing Semantic Graphs: A Survey

The explosion in the amount of the available RDF data has lead to the need to explore, query and understand such data sources. Due to the complex structure of RDF graphs and their heterogeneity, the exploration and understanding tasks are significantly harder than in relational databases, where the schema can serve as a first step toward understanding the structure. [...]

[hal-01928830] Evidence of strong carrier localization below 100 K in a GaInNAs/GaAs single quantum well


[hal-01944636] Personal Networks of Scientific Collaborators: A Large Scale Experimental Analysis of Their Evolution


[hal-01943645] Versatile SAR-ADC for Biomedical Applications

This paper presents a versatile SAR ADC targeting the acquisition of signals in biomedical applications. The converter is implemented in a CMOS AMS 0.35m technology and powered with 3.3V. Its output bit-width can be varied from 4 to 8 bits. The device includes built-in programmable clock generator and voltage reference circuit. [...]

[hal-01937700] Segmentation d'images couleur