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10 most recent publications

[hal-02185311] Transformation-Based Approach to Security Verification for Cyber-Physical Systems


[hal-02265245] Motion of oriented magnitudes patterns for Human Action Recognition

In this paper, we present a novel descriptor for human action recognition, called Motion of Oriented Magnitudes Patterns (MOMP), which considers the relationships between the local gradient distributions of neighboring patches coming from successive frames in video. [...]

[hal-02199740] Multi-criterion, automated, high-performance, rapid tool for assessing mucosal visualization quality of still images in small bowel capsule endoscopy


[hal-02185423] Developmental Learning of Audio-Visual Integration From Facial Gestures Of a Social Robot

We present a robot head with facial gestures, audio and vision capabilities toward the emergence of infant-like social features. For this, we propose a neural architecture that integrates these three modalities following a developmental stage with social interaction with a caregiver. [...]

[hal-02189108] Gradient-free Online Resource Allocation Algorithms for Dynamic Wireless Networks


[hal-02189523] Online Power Optimization in Feedback-Limited, Dynamic and Unpredictable IoT Networks


[hal-00111403] A novel inverse problem in γ-rays emission imaging

This article presents a recent result on the feasibility of reconstruction of the radioactivity distribution of an object from a sequence of Compton-scattered radiation data in emission imaging. This may be regarded as a novel inverse principle as opposed to the traditional one in which the object is reconstructed only from the non-scattered rays collected at different incident directions. [...]

[hal-02193633] Association Between Microscopic Lesions at Ileal Resection Margin and Recurrence After Surgery in Patients With Crohn’s Disease


[hal-02174326] Data Dependent Kernel Approximation using Pseudo Random Fourier Features

Kernel methods are powerful and flexible approach to solve many problems in machine learning. Due to the pairwise evaluations in kernel methods, the complexity of kernel computation grows as the data size increases; thus the applicability of kernel methods is limited for large scale datasets. [...]

[hal-02189110] Energy efficient downlink massive MIMO: Is 1-bit quantization a solution ?

Massive MIMO aims to build wireless base stations with hundreds of coherently operating antennas serving tens of single antenna users in order to improve both the transmission capacity by a factor 10-50 and the energy-efficiency trade-off by up to a thousand times. [...]