Assistant Professor "Internet of Things and Cybersecurity"

EISTI Engineering school and the ETIS laboratory are hiring a Assistant Professor in « Internet of Things and Cybersecurity ». The position is available in September 2019 on the Cergy-Pontoise campus.

Required diploma

PhD. If the PhD was obtained in France, qualification from the CNU (27 and/or 61) is needed, unless PhD defense took place after the qualification date for 2019.

Teaching profile

Teaching will be at EISTI. Among others, courses on:

  • Cybersecurity: cryptography, forensic, security of connected objects, programming on smart cards, data security management systems - norms ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27005, intrusion tests...
  • Networks/IoT : architecture and services, standardization, IPv6, routing IP, wireless technologies...
  • DevOps/DevOpsSec tools (continuous integration, Git, Docker, Jenkins,...),

Reseach profile

Research will be performed in the laboratory ETIS UMR 8051, in the Information, Communication and Imagery team (ICI). The candidate should have knowledge in one of the following fields:

  • Formal methods and proofs for security verification of security protocols
  • Cryptanalysis, chosen plaintext security proofs, chosen ciphertext security proofs
  • Security and privacy in distributed storage / caching systems
  • 5G and IoT security standards
  • Anomaly detection


  • Teaching: Besma Zeddini – EISTI – besma.zeddini@eisti.eu – 01 34 25 10 08
  • Research: Mathias Quoy – ETIS – mathias.quoy@u-cergy.fr – 01 34 25 28 52
    and Claudio Weidmann – ETIS – claudio.weidmann@ensea.fr - 01 30 73 62 88