3D Shape Analysis: Fundamentals, Theory, and Applications

Hedi Tabia (ETIS / MIDi) est l'un des auteurs du livre "3D Shape Analysis: Fundamentals, Theory, and Applications" (janv. 2019).

3D Shape Analysis: Fundamentals, Theory, and Applications, Hamid Laga, Yulan Guo, Hedi Tabia, Robert B. Fisher, Mohammed Bennamoun, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 978-1-119-40510-8, January 2019

This book discusses the different topics that come under the title of "3D shape analysis". It covers the theoretical foundations and the major solutions that have been presented in the literature. It also establishes links between solutions proposed by different communities that studied 3D shape, such as mathematics and statistics, medical imaging, computer vision, and computer graphics.

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