International School on the Effects of Radiation on Embedded Systems for Space Applications

Fakhreddine Ghaffari, membre de l'équipe ASTRE d'ETIS, a animé un séminaire dans le cadre de la 12ème école "International School on the Effects of Radiation on Embedded Systems for Space Applications" à Montréal, du 7 au 10 novembre 2016.

Date of seminar

November 10, 2016


Mitigating SEU and MBU Using Backward Error Recovery Approach in SRAM Based FPGA


This presentation focuses on reliability of a specific class of Systems on Chip (SoC) which are able to be reconfigured dynamically and partially. We explore the possibility of using their Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration (PDR) capability for hardening applications implemented on FPGAs. We have proposed the use of checkpoint/Recovery approach and context restoration for tolerance against transient faults. PDR is used for managing the context of hardware tasks present on the application. The use of RDP avoids resetting application after fault detection as doing in scrubbing approach. After identifying the limitations of the "Backward Error Recovery" approach on SRAM-based FPGAs platforms, we propose a new resource placement algorithm on FPGA to minimize the access time needed by check-pointing and rolling back operations of hardware tasks. The evaluation of the overall reliability of our approach is achieved through fault injection campaign on demonstration platform running on a Virtex-5 that integrates our reliability controller and hosts a data encryption application.