Understanding opinion and language dynamics using massive data (OpLaDyn)

Prof. Dimitris Kotzinos (ETIS/MIDI) will participate in a project about "Understanding opinion and language dynamics using massive data (OpLaDyn)" that will start in the fall of 2017.

The project is funded by the TransAtlantic Platform: Digging into Data challenge (https://www.transatlanticplatform.com/2016/02/29/trans-atlantic-platform-announces-the-2016-t-ap-digging-into-data-challenge/) and is in collaboration with Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), University of Sao Paulo State (Brazil) and from the French side LPTM (University of Cergy Pontoise) and ENS Paris.

The project is interested in searching for traces of social activity in raw data and studying the impact that this new situation has on social behavior. Our aim is to contribute to the construction of an interdisciplinary view of the relation between informational pattern correlations, available in Big Data, and the dynamics of social actions, bridging the social and the natural sciences. Specifically, we will focus on the study of opinion dynamics and language evolution based on data issued from two very different media, on one hand a historical newspaper (the New York Times) and on the other a new online medium (Twitter).