Séminaire ASTRE : Sylvain Guilley

Titre du séminaire et orateur

Fault injection in digital circuits and protections.
Sylvain Guilley, TELECOM-ParisTech.

Date et lieu

Mardi 25 novembre 2014, 14h.
ENSEA, salle 384.


Electronic circuits are designed to operate under some predefined environmental conditions (voltage, temperature, etc.). Outside those comfort conditions, they might dysfunction. Fault injection is a technique to globally or locally push a digital system outside of its nominal operating conditions, and analyze its behaviour. The mere fact of altering its state is a reliability issue. Worse outcomes can happen in security applications, where an attacker can actually recover sensitive information from the faulty outputs. Therefore, many protections have been invented. They usually exploit some redundancy, in time, space, or information domains. Some examples of robust designs, applied to cryptographic algorithms, will be illustrated.

Short bio

Sylvain Guilley is full professor at TELECOM-ParisTech. His team works on provable security of electronic circuits and embedded systems. His own research interests are trusted computing, cyber-physical security, secure prototyping in FPGA and ASIC, and formal / mathematical methods. Sylvain has co-authored more than one hundred research papers, and more than ten patents. He is member of the IACR, the IEEE and senior member of the CryptArchi club. He is alumni from Ecole Polytechnique and TELECOM-ParisTech. In 2010, he has co-founded with Jean-Luc Danger, Laurent Sauvage, Hassan Triqui and Philippe Nguyen the Secure-IC S.A.S. company as a spin-off of TELECOM-ParisTech. Since 2012, he organizes the PROOFS workshop, which brings together researchers whose objective is to increase the trust in the security of embedded systems.