Séminaire ASTRE : Thomas Marconi

Titre du séminaire et orateur

A Dreamer's Vision of The Futuristic Computer.

Thomas Marconi, TU Delft, Pays-Bas (http://staff.tudelft.nl/en/T.Marconi/, http://www.ce.ewi.tudelft.nl/marconi/).

Date et lieu

Jeudi 21 janvier 2016, 15h.

ENSEA, salle 384.


In this talk, I will bring you to the future of computing with "my vision time machine".  In my visionary view, the futuristic computer will have hardware as flexible as software. Since they are all flexible, it is hard to differentiate between them.  
They are blended together, no boundary between hardware and software. Specifically, we will see in the perspective of a dreamer on
(i) how the computer with blended hardware and software looks like in the future,
(ii) what challenges we need to handle, and
(iii) some simple ideas and preliminary results towards making it closer to a reality.