Séminaire ETIS : Claudia Marinica

Titre et oratrice

PARCOURS project: interoperability in the conservation and restoration of artifacts.

Claudia Marinica, ETIS, équipe MIDI.

Date et lieu

Mardi 1er octobre 2019.

Université de Cergy-Pontoise, site de St-Martin, salle à préciser.


PARCOURS is a project aiming to produce, for the users from the cultural institutions, an access to all the data related to the conservation and the restoration of an artifact. The project started in 2014, was funded till January 2019 by the French Heritage Science Foundation (EUR-17-EURE-0021) (a complementary project received funding from the ANR), and gathers a series of French cultural Institutions (the Research Laboratory for Historical Monuments (LRMH), the Museum’s Research and Restoration Center (C2RMF), the Research Center on the conservation of Collections (CRCC), ETIS Lab, IPANEMA Lab, National Institute for the Heritage (INP), DAVID Lab).

The main results of the PARCOURS project ara: (1) the development of the CRMcr ontology of the conservation and restoration domain, extension of the CIDOC-CRM ontology, and (2) the implementation of an information system allowing the access to the conservation and restoration data via the CRMcr ontology.

This talk will first provide a global view of the project, will detail its different steps, but it will focus on the development of the CRMcr ontology. Thus, we will explain the relation between CRMcr and CIDOC-CRM and the other extensions of CIDOC-CRM, such as CRMsci, and, moreover, we will give an insight of how the new concepts and relations that we added were decided to be needed.