Séminaire ETIS : Iryna Andriyanova

Titre du séminaire et oratrice

100 Years of Shannon: On Shannon, Botvinnik and Computer Chess.

Iryna Andriyanova, ETIS, équipe ICI.

Date et lieu

Mardi 8 novembre 2016, 11h.

ENSEA, salle du Conseil.


This talk was given at the Allerton 2016 Conference on Communication, Control and Computing as one of the events celebrating the 100th anniversary of Claude Shannon, the "father" of information and communication theory.

In 1949 Claude Shannon published a first paper on computer chess entitled Programming a Computer for Playing Chess. It describes how a machine or computer could be made to play a reasonable game of chess. Until today this paper is considered as one of important milestones in the computer chess programming. From another side, Mikhail Botvinnik, who was the world's chess champion for almost 15 years, was very involved into the development of chess programming and he wrote a famous book An Algorithm for Chess in 1968.

In this talk, we will give a historical perspective of works of Shannon and Botvinnik, their impact on the modern chess programming and we will reveal the result of their unofficial chess party, happened in 1965 in Moscow.