Séminaire ICI : Aline Roumy

Titre du séminaire et oratrice

Unequal Erasure Protection with the Generalized Object Encoding Approach.
Aline Roumy, INRIA Rennes (joint work with Vincent Roca, Bessem Sayadi).

Date et lieu

Jeudi 24 mai 2012, à 13h30.
ENSEA, salle 384 (plan d'accès à l'ENSEA).


Unequal Erasure Protection (UEP) is an attractive approach to protect data flows that contain information of different priority levels. We analyze two optimal UEP schemes that achieves the capacity of the Broadcast Erasure Channel. One family implements UEP thanks to a dedicated packetization scheme, as it is the case with Priority Encoding Transmission (PET) [1], while the other family uses a dedicated signaling scheme, as is the case with the Generalized Object Encoding (GOE) [2]. These two solutions have the main benefit of being compatible with existing standardized Application Layer FEC (AL-FEC) schemes, which is a major practical benefit. Through a careful modeling of both proposals, we show that the average decoding delay of both approaches are equivalent in infinite and finite length conditions, while GOE is simpler in terms of concepts and processing load at the decoder.

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[2] V. Roca, A. Roumy and B. Sayadi, “The Generalized Object Encoding GOE) Approach for the Forward Erasure Correction (FEC) Protection of Objects and its Application to Reed- Solomon Codes over GF(2x)”, IETF RMT Working Group, Work in Progress: <draft-roca-rmt-goe-fec-01.txt>”, February 2012.
[3] A. Roumy, V. Roca and B. Sayadi, “Memory Consumption Analysis for the GOE and PET Unequal Erasure Protection Schemes”, IEEE Int. Conf. on Communications (ICC’12), June 2012.