Séminaire ICI : Dr Martin J. Reed

Titre du séminaire et orateur

Information-centric networking for future network services

Dr. Martin J. Reed (University of Essex)

Date et lieu

Mardi 10 juillet 2018, 15h

ENSEA, salle 384


Information-centric networking (also called content-centric networking) separates information from location allowing traditional network services to be engineered in new ways. This talk will discuss the work from the EU projects PURSUIT and POINT that have developed an information-centric network from concept to an operator scale trial of information-centric networking. In particular the talk will show how an information-centric approach brings new ways of applying a maximum-flow formulation to practical networks and how the architecture can significantly improve mobile services.


Dr Martin Reed is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of Essex. His research interests include network control planes, multimedia transmission over networks and network security. He has published over 100 papers in peer reviewed transactions and conferences. Martin has been principle investigator for a number of research projects funded by EPSRC, EU and industry. He holds a number of patents and has active research collaborations with industry including BT. An example of recent projects include EU H2020 POINT (Jan 2015-Feb 2018) and EU H2020 SerIoT (Jan 2018-Dec 2020). Both POINT and SerIoT have investigated publish/subscribe networking using information centric networking. Martin has managed a number of international research testbeds for research projects and actively looks for further testbed collaboration.