Séminaire ICI : Mari Kobayashi

Titre du séminaire et oratrice

Degrees of Freedom of Time Correlated MISO Broadcast Channel with Delayed CSIT.
Mari Kobayashi, Supélec.

Date et lieu

Vendredi 30 novembre 2012, 14h.
ENSEA, salle 384.


We consider the time correlated MISO broadcast channel where the transmitter has imperfect knowledge on the current channel state, in addition to delayed channel state information. By representing the quality of the current channel state as P^ −α for the signal-to-noise ratio P and some constant α ≥ 0, we characterize the optimal degree of freedom region for this more general two-user MISO broadcast correlated channel. The essential ingredients of the proposed scheme lie in the quantization and multicasting of the overheard interferences, while broadcasting new private messages. Our proposed scheme smoothly bridges between the scheme recently proposed by Maddah-Ali and Tse with no current state information and a simple zero-forcing beamforming with perfect current state information.