Séminaire MIDI : Konstantin Todorov

Titre et orateur

Aligning Heterogeneous and Complementary Multimedia Ontologies.
Konstantin Todorov, Ecole centrale Paris.

Date et lieu

Jeudi 5 avril 2012, 14h.
ENSEA, salle 384.


Ontologies have been intensively applied for improving multimedia search and retrieval by providing explicit meaning to visual content. Several multimedia ontologies have been recently proposed as knowledge models suitable for narrowing the well known semantic gap and for enabling the semantic interpretation of images. Since these ontologies have been created in different application contexts, establishing links between them, a task known as ontology matching, promises to fully unlock their potential in support of multimedia search and retrieval. This talk focuses on an extensional ontology matching technique applied to an important semantic image retrieval issue: automatically associating common-sense knowledge to multimedia concepts.

First, we extend a textual concept matching approach to use both textual and visual representation of images. We argue that the textual and visual modalities have to be seen as complementary rather than as exclusive sources of extensional information in the multimedia domain.

Further, we present a procedure for the construction of a common ontology which captures and exposes the relations holding between the concepts of two or more domain multimedia ontologies.