Séminaire MIDI : Sahar Hoteit

Titre du séminaire et oratrice

Mobile traffic analysis for cellular offloading.

Sahar Hoteit, INRIA Saclay.

Date et lieu

Mercredi 13 avril 2016, 14h.

Université de Cergy-Pontoise, site de St-Martin 1, locaux ETIS, 5ème étage, salle 570.


Nowadays, the pervasiveness of information and communication technologies is offering ideal vehicles to study human mobility cheaply, frequently, and on a global scale. Billions of people worldwide keep a phone near them most of the time. Since cellular networks need to know the approximate location of all active phones to provide them voice and data services, location information from these networks can strongly favor the emergence of advanced device and network applications. The purpose of this seminar is to use real mobile phone data collected from the Orange cellular network to provide a deep understanding of human mobility patterns and thereafter to propose novel mobile offloading solutions for telecom access networks.