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[hal-02189110] Energy efficient downlink massive MIMO: Is 1-bit quantization a solution ?

Massive MIMO aims to build wireless base stations with hundreds of coherently operating antennas serving tens of single antenna users in order to improve both the transmission capacity by a factor 10-50 and the energy-efficiency trade-off by up to a thousand times. [...]

[hal-02189108] Gradient-free Online Resource Allocation Algorithms for Dynamic Wireless Networks

Future communication networks will be faced with supporting highly mobile, heterogeneous (including aerial) devices , which calls for new and efficient resource allocation policies that are able to adapt on-the-fly to the network dynamics while relying on little and possibly outdated information. [...]

[hal-02189523] Online Power Optimization in Feedback-Limited, Dynamic and Unpredictable IoT Networks

One of the key challenges in Internet of Things (IoT) networks is to connect many different types of autonomous devices while reducing their individual power consumption. This problem is exacerbated by two main factors: a) the fact that these devices operate in and give rise to a highly dynamic and unpredictable environment where existing solutions (e. [...]

[hal-02188909] OFDM-based Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Technique for Pacemaker-Induced Fibrosis Detection Implemented in an ARM Microprocessor


[cea-02186481] Layered LDPC Decoders With Efficient Memory Access Scheduling and Mapping and Built-In Support for Pipeline Hazards Mitigation

This paper proposes a holistic approach that addresses both the message mapping in memory banks and the pipeline-related data hazards in low-density parity-check (LDPC) decoders. We consider a layered hardware architecture using single read/single write port memory banks. [...]

[hal-02185435] Visuo-Motor Control Using Body Representation of a Robotic Arm with Gated Auto-Encoders

We present an auto-encoder version of gated networks for learning visuomotor transformations for reaching targets and representating the location of the robot arm. Gated networks use multiplicative neurons to bind correlated images from each others and to learn their relative changes. [...]

[hal-02185311] Transformation-Based Approach to Security Verification for Cyber-Physical Systems


[hal-02155055] Share - Publish - Store - Preserve. Methodologies, Tools and Challenges for 3D Use in Social Sciences and Humanities

Through this White Paper, which gathers contributions from experts of 3D data as well as professionals concerned with the interoperability and sustainability of 3D research data, the PARTHENOS project aims at highlighting some of the current issues they have to face, with possible specific points according to the discipline, and potential practices and methodologies to deal with these issues. [...]

[hal-02132414] High-Efficiency Architecture for Power Amplifiers


[hal-02073946] Brain-Inspired Coding of Robot Body Schema Through Visuo-Motor Integration of Touched Events

Representing objects in space is difficult because sensorimotor events are anchored in different reference frames, which can be either eye-, armor or target-centered. In the brain, Gain-Field (GF) neurons in the parietal cortex are involved in computing the necessary spatial transformations for aligning the tactile, visual and proprioceptive signals. [...]