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Publications antérieures à 2008

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Nos dix dernières publications

[hal-02450781] Sensus Communis: Some Perspectives on the Origins of Non-synchronous Cross-Sensory Associations


[hal-02446590] Toward a motor signature in autism: Studies from human-machine interaction


[hal-02446606] Hormonal Risk Factors for Osteoporosis: Different Profile Among Antipsychotics


[hal-02423204] Imitation game between a human and a robot for the motor actions learning


[hal-02433969] Threshold-based routing algorithm for RF-NoC OFDMA architecture

Network-on-chip (NoC) is currently the chosen paradigm for interconnection in multicore architectures. On the other hand, the development of these architectures with thousands of cores leads to several issues regarding latency and power consumption, especially with conventional wired interconnects. [...]

[hal-02423047] How children with autism spectrum disorder behave and explore the 4-dimensional (spatial 3D+time) environment during a joint attention induction task with a robot


[hal-02423165] Social Coordination Assessment: Distinguishing between Shape and Timing


[hal-02388788] Estimation of the perceived time of presence of sources in urban acoustic environments using deep learning techniques

The impact of urban sound on human beings has often been studied from a negative point of view (noise pollution). In the two last decades, the interest of studying its positive impact has been revealed with the soundscape approach (resourcing spaces). The literature shows that the recognition of sources plays a great role in the way humans are affected by sound environments. [...]

[hal-02436008] Wyner-Ziv reconciliation for key exchange based on Ring-LWE

We consider a key encapsulation mechanism (KEM) based on ring-LWE where reconciliation is performed on an N-dimensional lattice using Wyner-Ziv coding. More precisely, we consider Barnes-Wall lattices and use Micciancio and Nicolosi's bounded distance decoder with polynomial complexity O(N log(N)^2). [...]

[hal-02403562] An adaptive mirror-prox algorithm for variational inequalities with singular operators

Lipschitz continuity is a central requirement for achieving the optimal O(1/T) rate of convergence in monotone, deterministic variational inequalities (a setting that includes convex minimization, convex-concave optimization, nonatomic games, and many other problems). [...]