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Nos dix dernières publications

[hal-02136323] Analysis of the Electrical Properties of Different HgCdTe Passivations for Infrared Detectors


[hal-02132416] Belief Propagation algorithm for Automatic Chord Estimation

This work aims at bridging the gap between two completely distinct research fields: digital communications and Music Information Retrieval. While works in the MIR community have long used algorithms borrowed from speech signal processing, text recognition or image processing, to our knowledge very scarce work based on digital communications algorithms has been produced. [...]

[hal-02135854] Embedding Covert Information on a Given Broadcast Code

Given a code used to send a message to two receivers through a degraded discrete memoryless broadcast channel (DM-BC), the sender wishes to alter the codewords to achieve the following goals: (i) the original broadcast communication continues to take place, possibly at the expense of a tolerable increase of the decoding error probability; and (ii) an additional covert message can be transmitted to the stronger receiver such that the weaker receiver cannot detect the existence of this message. [...]

[hal-02132410] Study of different algorithms and models for trapping effect extraction


[hal-02132414] High-Efficiency Architecture for Power Amplifiers


[hal-02133565] From Neurorobotic Localization to Autonomous Vehicles


[hal-01993154] Tailoring Index-Modulation for uplink IoT and M2M Networks

The low complexity, low cost of implementation, as well as the spectral and energy efficiency, are key features for the development of the internet of things (IoT) networks. In this context, the introduction of index modulation on single carrier-frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA-IM) has reported significant gains in terms of energy efficiency. [...]

[hal-01926241] Towards perceptual soundscape characterization using event detection algorithms.

Assessing properties about specific sound sources is important to characterize better the perception of urban sound environments. In order to produce perceptually motivated noise maps, we argue that it is possible to consider the data produced by acoustic sensor networks to gather information about sources of interest and predict their perceptual attributes. [...]

[hal-02069993] Intelligence artificielle et endoscopie : le meilleur des mondes ?

L’intelligence artificielle (IA) a pour objet de simuler l’intelligence humaine. Il s’agit d’une science cognitive qui fait appel à la neurobiologie et à la logique (résolution des problèmes, apprentissage profond, réseaux neuronaux), à l’informatique (puissance de calculs des ordinateurs, internet), et qui se nourrit de bases de données. [...]

[hal-01976660] SPEAKY Project: Adaptive Tutoring System based on Reinforcement Learning for Driving Exercizes and Analysis in ASD Children

Intelligent tutoring systems are increasingly effective for helping the teacher's work with children. However, these technologies are still poorly used for cognitively impaired infants who display autistic spectrum disorders and intellectual disabilities as they don't adapt easily to each infant. [...]