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[hal-01920151] An accurate HMM-based similarity measure between finite sets of histograms


[hal-01835422] A neural network algorithm for detection of GI angiectasia during small-bowel capsule endoscopy

Background and Aims Gastrointestinal angiectasia (GIA) is the most common small bowel (SB) vascular lesion, with an inherent risk of bleeding. SB Capsule Endoscopy (SB-CE) is the currently accepted diagnostic procedure. The aim of this study was to develop a computer-assisted diagnosis (CAD) tool for the detection of GIA. [...]

[hal-01911617] Mobile Phones Hematophagous Diptera Surveillance in the field using Deep Learning and Wing Interference Patterns

Real-time monitoring of hematophagous diptera (such as mosquitoes) populations in the field is a crucial challenge to foresee vaccination campaigns and to restrain potential diseases spreading. However, current methods heavily rely on costly DNA extraction which is destructive, costly, time consuming and requires experts. [...]

[hal-01233398] IRIM at TRECVID 2015: Semantic Indexing

The IRIM group is a consortium of French teams supported by the GDR ISIS and working on Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval. This paper describes its participation to the TRECVID 2015 semantic indexing (SIN). Our approach uses a six-stages processing pipelines for computing scores for the likelihood of a video shot to contain a target concept. [...]

[hal-01900968] Codage basé sur les réseaux de points pour le canal à relais Gaussien mono- et bidirectionnel avec bruits corrélés

Ce papier porte sur deux modèles de communications coopératives, le canal à relais et le canal bidirectionnel Gaussien, lorsque les bruits au relais et à la(aux) destination(s) sont corrélés. Un codage basé réseaux de points est proposé pour atteindre la région de rendement de Compress-and-Forward pour le canal à relais et de Compress/Decode-and-Forward pour le canal à relais bidirectionnel. [...]

[hal-01900945] Canal à relais multidirectionnel avec liens directs

Nous étudions une extension du canal à relais multidirectionnel (proposé par Gündüz et al.) en considérant la présence de liens directs de gain unitaire entre les utilisateurs d'un même cluster. Plusieurs clusters d'utilisateurs communiquent avec l'aide d'un relais et les utilisateurs au sein d'un même cluster souhaitent échanger leurs données les uns avec les autres. [...]

[hal-01872152] The flow of ideologies between a political figure and a militant community: a CMC corpora analysis


[hal-01905099] DoF in Sectored Cellular Systems with BS Cooperation Under a Complexity Constraint


[hal-01898012] The Neck of Pinobo, a Low-cost Bio-inspired Robot

We introduce in this paper a robotic neck with 3 degrees of freedom. The Pinobo’s neck has three important features: open source software, solid, and easy to made. This early prototype is light, fast and compliant. After explaining how to build the Pinobos neck, we analyze the different properties of this system in order to obtain a robust controller. [...]

[hal-01896834] Polyps Recognition Using Fuzzy Trees

In this article, we present our work on classifier to realize a Wireless Capsule Endoscopy (WCE) including a Smart Vision Chip (SVC). Our classifier is based on fuzzy tree and forest of fuzzy trees. We obtain a sensitivity of 92.80% and a specificity of 91. [...]